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    Issue #9 is Now Out

    Smith’s Monthly Issue #9

    Issue #9… June 2014

    Over eighty thousand words of original fiction from USA Today bestselling writer Dean Wesley Smith.

    In this ninth volume the full and complete novel, Morning Song, plus four short stories, two ongoing serial novels, and many other features.

    Table of Contents

    Short Stories
    “Music in Time”
    “The Tragic Tale of a Man in a Duster”
    “Dreams of a Moon” An Earth Protection League Story
    “As the Robot Rubs”

    Morning Song A Seeders Universe Novel

    Serial Stories
    The Life and Times of Buffalo Jimmy
    The Adventure of Hawk

    “So You Want to be a Writer”

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    1st Issue Now Out

    Issue #1

    October 2013

    In the first issue a full science fiction novel Dust and Kisses and four short stories and much more.

    The full contents of this first issue are:

    Table of Contents

    THE ROAD BACK… A Doc Hill Short Story
    THE SECRETS OF YESTERDAY… A Poker Boy Short Story
     THE LIFE AND TIMES OF BUFFALO JIMMY… Chapters 1-3 of Serial Story
    THE BIG TICK OF TIME… Short Story
    THE ADVENTURES OF HAWK… Chapters 1-3 of Serial Story
    THE CASE OF THE DOG-BIT ARM…A Pilgrim Hugh Incident short story
    THE FIRST TEE PANIC BOOK…And Other Very Real Golf Stories. First third of a nonfiction humor golf book
    DUST AND KISSES… A full novel

    Over 70,000 words in each issue.

    Available in all your local bookstores and online retailers in October.

    Trade Paper: $12.99. Electronic: $6.99