• First Issue

    First Issue Shipped

    First issue of Smith’s Monthly has shipped. If you haven’t gotten a subscriber copy, either paper or electronic, please let me know and I’ll get the fine folks at WMG Publishing on it.


  • First Issue,  Smith's Monthly Covers

    First Issue In Proof

    The first issue has arrived in proof and we should have the corrections made and the copies headed to us in a day.

    So print copies and electronic copies should ship on time on the second Tuesday of the month.

    Here’s a picture of me holding the first copy today. It looks great, better than I had hoped.


  • First Issue,  Smith's Monthly Covers

    1st Issue Now Out

    Issue #1

    October 2013

    In the first issue a full science fiction novel Dust and Kisses and four short stories and much more.

    The full contents of this first issue are:

    Table of Contents

    THE ROAD BACK… A Doc Hill Short Story
    THE SECRETS OF YESTERDAY… A Poker Boy Short Story
     THE LIFE AND TIMES OF BUFFALO JIMMY… Chapters 1-3 of Serial Story
    THE BIG TICK OF TIME… Short Story
    THE ADVENTURES OF HAWK… Chapters 1-3 of Serial Story
    THE CASE OF THE DOG-BIT ARM…A Pilgrim Hugh Incident short story
    THE FIRST TEE PANIC BOOK…And Other Very Real Golf Stories. First third of a nonfiction humor golf book
    DUST AND KISSES… A full novel

    Over 70,000 words in each issue.

    Available in all your local bookstores and online retailers in October.

    Trade Paper: $12.99. Electronic: $6.99