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    Issue #13 Now Out

    Smith’s Monthly Issue #13

    Issue #13… October 2014

    Over eighty thousand words of original fiction from USA Today bestselling writer Dean Wesley Smith.

    In this thirteenth volume the full and complete novel, Heaven Painted as a Christmas Gift: A Ghost of a Chance series novel, plus five short stories, an ongoing serial novel, and many other features.

    Table of Contents

    Short Stories
    “Jukebox Gifts” A Jukebox Series Story
    ”The Old Girlfriend of Doom” A Poker Boy Story
    “Ambassador to the Promised Land”
    “Santa’s Snack”
    “Sprinkle on a Memory”

    Full Novel
    Heaven Painted as a Christmas Gift: A Ghost of a Chance Novel

    Serial Stories
    The Life and Times of Buffalo Jimmy

    “Tasty Morsel”