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Smith’s Monthly Issue #32

Over fifty thousand words of original fiction from USA Today bestselling writer Dean Wesley Smith.

In this thirty-second monthly volume the short novel They’re Back: A Poker Boy Short Novel, plus seven short stories and a serialized novel, Laying the Music to Rest.

Short Stories
A Bad Patch of Humanity: A Seeders Universe Story
A Great First Day: A Ghost of a Chance Story
The Problem of Grapevine Springs: A Thunder Mountain Story
Best Eaten on a Slow Tuesday
Make Myself Just One More: A Mary Jo Assassin Story
Why Delay? Just Rub: A Bryant Street Story
Idanha Hotel: A Thunder Mountain Story

Full Novel
They’re Back: A Poker Boy Short Novel

Serial Fiction
Laying the Music to Rest (Part 5)

Introduction: A Basics Issue

Available in:
ebook, $6.99
Trade paperback, $12.99
ISBN 9781561466580